SOP from design department

Before we start the mould, our designer should confirm with our clients the style of productm  the material, the surface carbon pattern-twill or plain weaven or forged carbon, the mould type ;metal or resin, the process way;autoclave, compression mold or vocumm

And other details such as: the Mesh with meal or plastic, the size of the mold, the clips mateiral , the accessories, the holes size etc. All of them are should be in designer SOP for installation to the mold department. 

SOP - production line

This is another kind SOP for production line.

Each step with the material weight and mixture ratio, and Detailed guidance of each production step, which will make sure the new workers can operate the part even the first time of this product

Each steps are strictly obey the instruction and easy for Site management.

SOP- QC and installation

This SOP will be important for QC department, with the holes size, the surface vision, the right clips etc 

As you known, the carbon parts is not like plastic ,which is with composite clips are highly required the quality standard or which can not fit. so the refine job for each step is very important. Jcsportline has strict SOP on the installation step and QC department for  each carbon pc are qualified parts.