about us

JC Sportline

JC Sportline was made with the vision:

“To Upgrade Cars World Style, Speed & Safety”


Every Story starts from either love or fear.
Our Story started when a “Small Poor Kid Falls in Love with Car Modification Kits”.
In the 1990s, in a small mechanic’s garage, a kid watched his mechanic father working on amazing cars tech daily. Being in a crush, this kid started to learn about cars secretly.

As he grows from a kid to a teen, the crush also grows into unlimited love, making him join China’s first PU tuning manufacturers company. By working day & night, this teen kid learned every professional-level knowledge from R&D to manufacturing of car modification kits.

In 2009 this teen kid took his first step as a Man and laid the physical foundation of a car modification company. By asking the question “how we can do more good” to himself & his employees, he expanded this company from 5000 m2 to 60,000 m2 by adding an R&D department, CNC prototyping & production machines, Vacuum Coating machines & so on, in just a span of 13 years.

The kid who started his journey from a mechanic garage, and became today’s 60,000 m2 factory owner, is our founder, Tom Yu, and the company he made is our Company JC Sportline.

In all these years, our founder, Tom Yu has just one aim in mind, “ To make every Boring Car into a Customer’s Dream Car but at a minimal price”. By dream car, we not only mean looks but better aerodynamics for down pressure to get better handling, fuel economy & speed.

For achieving this aim, our company has 400 skilled workers who design, manufacture & deliver 10,000 carbon fiber bodykits each month for our customers worldwide, in rencently 2 years, focus on OE, car marker factory in global for carbon project from interior to exterior parts.

On the one hand, it is a huge demand in the market. On the other hand, it is a serious panic on China's modified market;

TOM Yu decided to create a company that can provide high quality, trustworthy and affordable products for the majority of car owners;


The factory history

TOMYU Establish carbon factory in 2009 in guangdong for 5000sqm specialized in aftermarket wet carbon, After 10 years in order to have stable production base, he invested a land and build the factory with his own full money for 60000sqm factory, and finding the top R&D team in composite industry, from designers to CNC mold to hand made engineers, and invest autoclave production lines and compression mold production line in 2019. Then focusing on pre-preg dry carbon parts for OE and top brand clients.

The visionaries

our founder

Tom Yu

“Our founder, Tom Yu, has proved that no dream is too large to achieve, no matter how much poor you are; it just requires hard work, creativity, empathy, innovation & above all, persistence.”

Sandy Xiong

I've been a leader in sales, distribution, warehousing and ecommerce fulfillment for over 10 years in the automotive industries. Also, I have 3 years experience with cost budget to reduce waste, improve safety, quality and productivity, and implement best practices in all functions of an organization including sales, operations, finance, HR, supply chain.


In JC Sportline, you will see that with these identical values, we have created for you many many designs of vehicles;

Our aim is not to earn huge profits by giving lousy quality products, but we want as much good for our customers as for us,
so we can both win.

“To Add more Style & Performance in Cars World”

“Convert Boring Cars into Dreams Cars”