Prepreg Dry Carbon Bumper Bodykits Project for Mercedes-Benz Vito

The tuning project for Benz Vito V250, one-stop station from design to CNC mold ,production to final installation.


Our design process

SOP-QC and installation
This SOP will be important for QC department, with the holes size, the surface vision, the right clips etc As you known, the carbon parts is not like plastic ,which is with composite clips are highly required the quality standard or which can not fit. so the refine job for each step is very important. Jcsportline has strict SOP on the installation step and QC department for each carbon pc are qualified parts.

How to install vito v250 dry carbon body kit in 10 mins!


The video show clearly how to install the body kits, and you can even see the quality of the final dry carbon bumpers there.

Frequently Asked Questions for Customized Parts

1.Provide design drawing STP / IGS format, which can be directly used for mold drawing design and processing

2.Provide pictures if we can scan the car in china or we already have the database in our scanning data systerm 

3.Provide ideas, hand draw 2D drawings to confirm the style, and then draw 3D drawings,if we can scan the car in china or we already have the database in our scanning data systerm 

Scanning car-hand drawing-3D computer drawing-CNC molding-autoclave( or compression mold or vocumm wet carbon)-test sample fitment-bulk production

  1. lip kit such as spoiler, front rear lip, diffuser ,side skirts,mirror caps which is around 3-5days for design, 7-10days for cnc molding with phototype sample, 10-15days for resin mould with first phototype, so the total is around 20-35days (each product or full set the same moulding time with different machines at the same time)
  2. bumper kit, such as the V250 big bumper kit, hoods, 15days for design—25days for cnc phototype sample—25days for resin mold, so total is around 2 month, one kit and one signal bumper part is similar time with different cnc machines together)

1. Any projects we confirm the exclusive rights for the customized parts, we sign NDA.

2. If the parts we make agreement for special zone exclusive rights, which will be free of mold fee.


  1. We have different molds for choose, metal mold, high tempreture epoxy resin mold, common epoxy resin mold,we will quote the mold fee based on clients’ quantity and quality requirment for products.
  2.  Usually the spoiler for metal mold is around 1500-2500usd, for high tempreture epoxy mold is around 1000-1500usd. for common resin mold is around 800-1000usd

MOQ is 30sets for customized parts, which is not related with the money ,also for molding resources ,so we should start the mold with value instead of occssionaly toughts.

Any customized prepreg parts contact with us for professional solution!

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